Our Forms are Mobile Optimized

It's 2014... so why are your forms still tiny for mobile visitors? We've fixed that.


Mobile Optimized is Essential

Too often, small and local businesses that rely on their websites to draw in new customers don’t realize that their website lead-generation functions are not mobile-optimized. The end result is a serious inefficiency in converting mobile visitors into new customer prospects. We've fixed that problem so it's easy to load up mobile-optimized versions of forms when someone is viewing your website from their smart phone. View Setup Instrcutions Here.

Our Solution is Simple

We created a simple solution to ensure that people on mobile phones are delivered a mobile-optimized contact form. Our technology can identify the difference between a visitors on a desktop computer, and a visitor on a mobile phone -- so even if your website isn't mobile optimized yet, your forms will be and will load beautifully.

Mobile Forms on Page Load

After speaking with many clients, we realized that some people just don't have mobile optimized websites yet, and they don't have the time or money to invest in one. Now, it's easy to embed one of our forms on a page on your website, and in our admin panel, you can set it up so that the form loads automatically when the page loads. This means that you can engage visitors with a beautiful signup form that fills their mobile screen, which dramatically increases the conversions from mobile users.

Some of our Mobile Optimized Form Features

  • We can auto-detect a device type (mobile or web) to display optimized contact forms
  • It's easy to add phone call tracking and click-to-call functionalty (for premium users)
  • It takes just a few seconds to add business information, including descriptions, addresses, social profiles, hours of operation and mapping information
  • Receive notifications of form submissions by email, SMS or by syncing that data with 19 popular email and database applications
  • Optional thank you pages and auto-response emails
  • Our integrated lead management system can help you more effectively track and manage leads

Customizing Your Contact Form

Click the image below to see how simple it is to customize your form:

Mobile Form Admin Options

ContactUs.com is not open to new users until we retool the application.