Install a Facebook Form in Three Clicks

It's finally easy to install a newsletter opt-in or contact form on your Facebook page!

Engage Facebook Visitors

People may like you, but can they contact you?

Too easy to install?

Install a Facebook form in three clicks.

Flexible & Powerful

Ask for contact info or grow your opt-in list, it's easy!

Instant Alerts

Get email or SMS alerts when someone submits your Facebook form.

A App for Facebook can help generate more than “Likes” from your Facebook page and it takes just a few seconds to setup. It's easy, whether you are trying to grow your opt-in list, or if you just want an easy way for your visitors to send you a message.

It's Easy to Customize and Install Your Form

  • Login or create a account.
  • Navigate to Form Settings
  • Customize Your Form
  • Install the Form on Your Facebook Page in Three Clicks

Why We ♥ Facebook

  • There are over 1.2 billion people on Facebook ... ya it's huge.
  • Over 78% of Facebook users are on mobile phone (Source)
  • 20% of all internet page views on any given day are on Facebook (Source)
  • It's relatively easy to block our mothers from seeing our Facebook posts

Get a Facebook Form in 10 Seconds is not open to new users until we retool the application.