Contact Forms to Bring in Customers

Build beautiful business contact forms to get more clients and sync your contact data. Easily customize fields, layouts, colors and text. Choose between standard contact fields and custom data fields.

Easy to Customize

Over 70 different features that can be customized, with easy-to-set-up templates in minutes. CSS form editor to fully customize.

Advanced Analytics

When someone submits your form, you'll also get information about how they found your website (source), their page view history on your site, and IP address (location).

Sync Your Data

We integrate with 21 popular email and database applications so every form submission will automatically sync your data.

Pop-up Forms and Triggers that Increase Conversions

We have traditional Embeded Form that embed on pages or blog posts, but we also have pop-up forms that increase conversions by between 30%-50% and triggers to activate forms on page load or exit intent.

Advanced Contact Form Features

Our online contact forms are the easiest way to get feedback and contact information from website visitors, and we've worked hard to ensure that our forms are not only easy to create, but flexible enough to fit anyone's needs. We have built integrations with 21 popular email and database applications, so every contact form submission can sync automatically.Our app also comes with several Smart Triggers, including our page load trigger that can time a form to load after a visitor is on a page for a certain number of seconds, an exit intent trigger that can determine if someone breaks the plane of the window in order to leave the site and open a form in order to ask for contact information one last time, and a hyperlink trigger that makes it possible for any image or text link to activate a form. All of these features have helped to position our online contact form solution as one of the most effective and sophisticated on the market.

You'll Love Our Contact Forms

  • Dozens of templates provide endless customization options
  • A new drag and drop form editor to make editing forms easy
  • CSS form editor form lots more design customization
  • Easily setup auto-responder emails and thank you page re-directs
  • Get form submission notifications via email, SMS, and send submissions via API To 19 popular email and database applications
  • Our forms can be loaded five different ways: Embeded Form, floating tab, on page load, on exit intent, with hyperlink triggers
  • Supports multiple languages out-of-the-box, including English, Spanish, German and French. By customizing field labels and text, you can customize for any language.

Form Fields

Drag & Drop

Pre-Built Form

Design & CSS


Built-In API


Advanced Form

Google Maps

Add Business

Add Social
Media Links


Contact Forms Compatible with Popular Website Platforms

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • SquareSpace
  • Yola
  • Moonfruit
  • Homestead
  • Yahoo! Site Builder
  • GoDaddy Site Builder
  • 1&1 Website Builder
  • Bigcommerce
  • Shopify
  • PrestaShop

Lead Generation Tools Built into Your Contact Forms

We've Built a Better Lead Generation System

  • Our Integrated Contact Management System makes it possible to search and manage all of your business contacts, so it's easy to instantly manage everyone submitted via your web forms and your phone calls
  • Getting new lead alerts helps you more effectively convert website visitors into new customers
  • Centralizing data is important, so we've made it easy to sync your data with 21 popular email and database applications
  • Phone tracking is easy to setup, but can help you turn inbound phone calls into data that can help you understand your sales process

Our Data Philosophy Generates Better Leads

  • Data about new leads should be available instantly, anywhere you are
  • Good data helps people make good decisions
  • Data should be flexible so it can be synced to 3rd party tools
  • All of your business data should flow into one tool -- so whether you got a lead from a contact form, a phone call, or a chat session, it should be easy to search and use that information

Get Instant Email and SMS ALerts, and Sync Data with Popular Email and Database Applications is not open to new users until we retool the application.