May 14 sync-aha-to-wordpress-to-webiste

Connect Aha! to Your Website Using Online Forms!

Now you can connect Aha! (One of the leading road-map software’s out there) to pro-active-high-converting-mobile friendly-online forms and dramatically increase your productivity. Aha!’s visual roadmap becomes all the more important if you increase the speed by which you add valuable […]


Sync Custom Online Forms to AgileZen

Do you use AgileZen for just about anything. Good. You’re going to love this then. offers really nice and easy to custmize forms that are made to increase form submission rates by helping you create really nice looking forms, […]

May 12 agile crm

Sync Agile CRM to WordPress and increase your leads dramatically offers high conversion forms that can be customized easily. They can also become incredibly effective at capturing leads from your website by using what we call Smart Triggers. Once has captured the contact information and any other custom […]


Sync high conversion website forms to your Acuity Scheduling account

Block off a new range of time on your schedule in Acuity Scheduling platform automatically whenever your website visitors submit our custom, high-converting forms. Use our tab-builder to create floating tabs that increase form visibility and submission rate. You can […]


Forms that sync WordPress to ActiveCollab

Now you can use our extra super awesome form builder to create forms and then sync them with ActiveCollab. Forms are synced using Integration and you can choose to make each form submission trigger any of the following actions: […]


Send leads from your website to ActiveCampaign

Get more leads by using our lead acquisition forms to dramatically increase the number of website visitors that turn into leads. Send them automatically to ActiveCampaign and by using our Zapier Integration. Forms that are synced to ActiveCampaign can do […]

May 8 sync-website-to-act-now

Sync your website with Act! And increase visitor to prospect conversion rate by more than 100%

Now you can increase the amount of prospects you acquire from your current website traffic with our super high-convertion forms and form builder and sync them to Act!.com! To integrate with Act!.com, follow these steps. With our super easy […]


Sync your website with AccountingSuite!

Now you can increase your website functionality with our super friendly forms and form builder and sync them to AccountingSuite! To integrate with AccontingSuite, follow these steps. Now with our super easy form builder you can put online forms […]


Get website visitors to send you messages to your AIM account!

Now you get much more website visitors to talk to you with our ultra high-converting forms and send them to your AIM chat station! To integrate with AIM follow these steps. The benefits of using AIM are just fantastic. […]


Capture website vistors and send them as subscribers to 4DEM.IT

Now you can increase your lead conversion rates with our ultra high conversion forms and send them to 4DEM.IT. To integrate with 4DEM.IT follow these steps. For thos of you who don’t know the benefits of 4DEM.IT, it provides […]

AWS lambda sync with website

Sync your website with AWS Lambda

Now you can sync your website forms with AWS Lambda, making new form submissions invoke an existing fucntion asynchronously by using our ultra high conversion forms. Go to step by step instructions. AWS Lambda is a computer service that executes […]


How to add a form for AWeber in your website

UPDATE: Now you can increase your lead conversion rates with our ultra high conversion forms and send them to AWEBER using our new Zapier Integration! To integrate with AWEBER follow these steps.     Collecting the opt-in subscribers is […]

May 5 start relationships with gmail

Start Online Relationships with Your Website Visitors Using Gmail.

Competition is fierce everywhere. Building relationships with your lead is by far one of the most effective strategies in present day sales. Using to capture leads and Google Apps (Free or Business) to build a relationship with your leads […]

Apr 23 zapier-logo2

Our Best Release Yet: makes Zapier + Contact Form 7 Possible, More Automatic Lead Processing Actions and More Improvements

Today’s release is hot with uncalculated potential. It’s seriously mind boggling to try visualizing all of the new things you can do with thanks to upgrades that have been released in the last two weeks. It would take way […]

Mar 23 super form

The Super Form: Easy, Powerful, Time Saving and Inbound-Marketing Ready

The last form you will ever use. The best thing we can offer in regards to lead acquisition and lead management is to save you time. This is important because during the funnel process the more leads you process per […]

Feb 17 your-logo-blog-header

Fine! Kick Our Logo Out and Put Yours Instead!

We are very happy to announce that you can now brand the platform, the outgoing emails and the forms with your own logo! All in one simple settings change. This has been a feature that many of […]

Feb 2 html pop up box

The HTML Pop Up Box – Simple is always better!

On Jan 28th released its HTML Pop up box. The HTML pop out box is a simple floating box that pops out in front of your website visitor when triggered . This is not a lead capture form, but […]

Jan 23 2015-01-22 20_01_10-Adobe Flash Player

Democratizing Inbound Marketing

The top new inbound marketing tools and features added by in 2014 and what’s to come in 2015. Do you remember how expensive CD players and basic html websites were back in the day? People seem to think inbound […]

Dec 8 free-online-marketing-course

Online Marketing Concepts for Beginners

If you’re venturing into Online Marketing, you are on the right track. This introduction to online marketing concepts is basically a lot of extracts from various websites, fun facts and some commentary that will help weave a more connected sense […]

Nov 20 Inbound Marketing - Set specific rules to send emails to leads based on their actions. Just Released Workflows! finds the best lead acquisition and lead management strategies out there and puts them together under one low cost, high performance, lead acquisition and lead management platform; adding an extra boost to your inbound marketing results. We are constantly […]