Dec 8 free-online-marketing-course

Online Marketing Concepts for Beginners

If you’re venturing into Online Marketing, you are on the right track. This introduction to online marketing concepts is basically a lot of extracts from various websites, fun facts and some commentary that will help weave a more connected sense […]

Nov 20 Inbound Marketing - Set specific rules to send emails to leads based on their actions. Just Released Workflows! finds the best lead acquisition and lead management strategies out there and puts them together under one low cost, high performance, lead acquisition and lead management platform; adding an extra boost to your inbound marketing results. We are constantly […]

Nov 6 Booking Form

New Feature: Appointment Service Types

We are happy to announce the release of a simple but very useful feature called service types for your Appointment Forms. This feature asks your website visitors what kind of appointments they want, before asking them to choose from […]

Oct 29 Sin títulfulipoin

Simple Follow-Ups with Active Prospects using’s Lead Reminders

One of the most important processes and one that is ignored by a surprisingly large amount of small business owners is the “Follow Up” especially because 80% of sales happen on the fifth follow-up call. (Read More Here) This is […]


The Mind Reading Business Developer. Care to Be One?

What would you do if you could read other people’s minds? Would you keep it for yourself? Would you find it impossible to filter other human minds? That’s what happens to Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) in the 2000 romantic comedy […]

Sep 29 online marketing trends

Important Online Marketing Trends 2014 – 2015

You have more marketing options now than ever before. When it comes to choosing marketing channels for your business, you should know of all the marketing tools available so as to choose the ones that seem to fit best. Then […]

Sep 22 Learn important basics on selling.

What Information to Share with Your Sales Team and Why

If 80% of sales happen on the fifth follow-up call then 99% of sales tasks are follow-ups. Tell your sales team who to call, when to call and what to say. Have your team update lead data on every follow-up. […]


What are Online Lead Management Services?

The new trending service in online marketing is called lead management. It is the sum of various genders of web and non-web based business tools that have evolved over the last 40 years and hits businesses right in their most […]

Sep 11 six-degrees-of-separation

The Power of Related Contacts

In the day to day hussle and bustle, you might not realize that the prospective customer you are touching base with is friends with another previous happy customer of yours. But, if you check the Related Contacts section of your […]

Sep 10 easy-a-b-testing

What Exactly is A/B Testing and Why Should it Matter?

The first and best reason is because its a fast and clever way to optimize your website’s lead-capture power. How fast is it? This is how I set an A/B test in exactly 1 minute and 20 seconds. (View Video […]

Sep 9 Managing Leads like the Big Boys ( And Girls)

Managing Leads like the Big Boys (and Girls)

Big companies have a lot of built-in advantages of scale and resources, and that is the case when it comes to generating and working online sales leads. But some of their processes can be duplicated by small businesses with the […]

Online Ads that trigger forms

Lead Capture Ads for Your Partner Websites

Lead Capture Online Ads are a new way of reducing the steps between a person looking at your online advertisement and the moment where that person decides he wants to take the next step and contact you. We do this […]

Sep 8 How Small Businesses Use Phone Call Tracking.

Phone Call Tracking Now With Phone Call Notifications

What would you do if you had a gizmo that allowed you buy new phone numbers and reroute them to your own business phone line, to record every incoming phone call (Provided you let incoming callers know), get an email […]


Creating a Great Looking Branded Opt In Form in Minutes

Hi Guys, some of our users have asked specific questions for some quick form implementations. With Christmas just around the corner, sales and online marketing teams are setting up for the best best B2C time of the year. This means […]

Sep 5 Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

New Feature Release: Marking “Important” Leads inside’s Lead Management Platform

Are you getting a high volume of inbound leads that you need to keep track of? Do you prioritize which ones need special love and attention? Some leads are more important than others. Factors that impact that priority of leads […]

Sep 3 great

How to Dramatically Increase Your Newsletter Subscribers

If you are using a newsletter to better market your goods or services, then you’re probably wondering how to increase your newsletter subscribers. This article guides you on how to create a high conversion email opt-in form to turn more […]

Aug 23 Export to CSV screenshot

New Feature Release: Export Lead Data as a CSV

We’ve heard this question before from our users: How can I extract the lead data contained in my account?  We’re pleased to now offer the ability to export your leads stored in This new feature, released earlier this week, is […]

Aug 12 newsletter form statistics

How a Sports Magazine Increased their Online Newsletter Subscription Rate by 18x.

After a year and a half of using traditional methods to obtain opt-in subscriptions,; an online sports magazine, almost doubled its daily subscriber rate using free tools from  But that’s not end of the story… when they started […]

Aug 6 rotating tabs featured image

New Feature: Rotate and Re-Size Your Custom Design Tab

It’s here: The “Rotate Your Custom Design Tab” feature is live, along with quite a few others! We have made two new updates in the July 30, 2014 release to give users more image configuration options when using the “Upload […]

Aug 4 Great lead capture and lead generation tools for inbound traffic. Great lead capture and lead generation tools for inbound traffic.

The Big Picture for SMBs: Why don’t you just reach out and build a customer base?

It feels like we have been hearing this forever: “The world is becoming more global“, or “Businesses are moving towards the internet“. I’ve heard it so many times; it feels like an old phrase. But is the shift really over? […]