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Use ContactUs.com’s Reports & Analytics Features to Make Better Business Decisions

Getting started with a digital strategy is one of the most difficult challenges a small business faces. It takes true belief that you’re offering something valuable, and boldness to see it through. But those are just the first decisions of [...]

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Create Contact Forms in Any Language with our Custom Form Builder

For months, we’ve been receiving feedback from our international users and are proud to announce that it’s now possible to create contact forms in any language with our Custom Form Builder. We know that many of our users serve different [...]

Apr 10 wordpress plugins

12 ContactUs.com WordPress Plugins to Help You Get More Leads and Customers

WordPress is one of the most powerful open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) around. Used by millions, it makes it easy for even beginners with limited tech knowledge to launch a company website, blog, or ecommerce store. One of WordPress’ strongest [...]

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J2 Global Report Highlights Online Spending Trends, Presents Opportunity for Mobile Optimized Website and Conversion Rate Optimization

A new study from j2 Global shows that 40% of small businesses in the U.S. planned to increase spending on their company websites this year, with a strong focus on making websites mobile optimized. Their data also showed that the [...]

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Wix Users: Welcome to the ContactUs.com Community!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve officially integrated ContactUs.com with a Wix app, and we’re now ready to start serving this great community of users. For those of you not familiar, ContactUs.com was built to empower website administrators with the [...]

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5 Ways Our New Integrated Live Chat Feature by ContactUs.com Will Grow Your Business

After months in development, our integrated chat feature is now available to all of our 35,000 users! We’ve even created a basic version for our free users. Our live chat tool makes it easy to engage website visitors and provide [...]


Introducing the New Callout Bar WordPress Plugin by ContactUs

ContactUs.com is very excited to announce that its latest plugin, Callout Bar, is available for free on the WordPress.org repository. The Callout Bar is a free customizable toolbar for WordPress. It floats at the top or bottom of a website [...]

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Get More Leads with Page Load Triggers

Are you making the most of your website traffic? Most small businesses aren’t. They understand the importance of capturing email addresses or getting visitors to submit contact forms, but they struggle with execution. A lot of them put up opt-in [...]

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Exit Intent Triggers: an Affordable Tool to Optimize Bounce Rates and Convert More Paid Traffic

Paid advertising is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. You’ve already invested the time to create quality products or services for your customers. Now it’s just a matter of getting the word out to the right [...]

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Want to Make Your Retargeting Ads Convert Like Crazy? Try Returning Lead Alerts

If you’re advertising to find more customers online, you can probably get better results than you’re getting now. Retargeting ads are great tools to do that. They use tracking cookies to serve impressions to those most likely to become customers: [...]

Mar 10 CRM Concept

5 Ways Returning Lead Alerts Can Supercharge Your Sales Process

A lot of leads will visit your website several times before becoming customers, so how does your sales team take advantage of their website browsing? Many leads will submit a contact form asking for a quote or more information and [...]

Feb 26 free customer acquisition tools

5 Ways to Use Your Contact Form to Grow Your Customer Base

You’re probably marketing, improving your product, and trying to deliver the best customer service possible to get more customers. All of those things are important to your success… But are you also using your contact forms to grow your customer [...]

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How to Use Call to Actions to Convert More Customers

It’s great if your website looks nice, loads quickly, and is easy for your visitors to use. Those things are all important. But they aren’t all it takes to create a successful online business. Your website isn’t there just to [...]

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The Biggest Lead Management Mistake (and How to Fix It)

Getting leads to contact you is just the first part. What you do next—how you manage your leads—can make or break your business. Manage your leads well, and you can have more customers than you can handle. Make too many [...]

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5 Characteristics of Effective Contact Forms

If someone’s interested in finding out more about your business, they don’t have to swing by your office, drop something in the mail or pick up the phone anymore. All it takes is filling out an online form to get [...]

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New Release: Custom Fields for Contact Forms

We’re writing to announce some great news. Since our launch last Spring, the most requested feature from our users has been to enable you to add custom fields to your forms. We hear you. We’re excited to announce that custom [...]

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ContactUs.com Reaches its 25,000th User

ContactUs.com is pleased to announce that we have added our 25,000th user account to our service. We’re proud to announce this milestone, and thankful to our users for joining us. Since our launch in March 2013, we’ve been steadily picking [...]

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Upcoming ContactUs.com Feature Gets Your Opt-in Forms Exactly Where They Need to Be: in Front of Users

Building an email list is crucial for success online. Plenty of businesses understand this, but they don’t give email marketing the attention it deserves. They throw up a few opt-in forms, but they don’t do much to optimize the process. [...]

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How To Turn More Leads Into Customers: 5 Best Practices

Getting leads from your website is an essential part of building a thriving business online. Hopefully you’re using a smart strategy to make that happen. But getting leads is only the first step in a two-step equation. All of the [...]

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5 Ways To Use Your Website To Get More Leads

You can’t build a sustainable business based on impulse buyers alone. But that’s what’s happening to many businesses online. Their websites do a terrible job of separating random visitors from qualified leads. They’re lucky to get 1 or 2% of [...]