Jul 23 Contact form

The 6 Crucial Components of a Simple Contact Form

Work smarter, not harder. It’s become a cliché in business because it’s true. That’s because smart business owners don’t waste time on superfluous issues or endeavors. Instead, they figure out what is essential for their business to thrive, and then […]

Jul 21 Contact form

How Your Contact Form Can Entertain and Inspire

There are millions of websites who exist simply to inform and educate those who read their content. But for some businesses, organizations, or people, that’s simply not enough. They want their sites to inspire and entertain every user with the […]

Jul 19 Contact form

How Customization Can Help Create a Killer Contact Form

It’s very easy to find examples of contact forms on the web. Just type “contact form” into any search engine, or visit almost any business’s online site and find the “Contact” tab or link in the header or footer. However, […]

Jul 17 contactus ripples-2

New Premium Features: CSS Editor, Pay-as-You-Go Call Tracking, Add New Users, Custom Statuses

We’re excited to announce a few new features for paid accounts that were released today to improve the ContactUs.com product suite:   CSS Editor for Custom Field Forms The biggest new feature is the CSS Editor, which is part of our […]

Jul 12 Good data

4 Ways Good Data Helps People Make Good Decisions

It’s not uncommon to hear about someone “relying on their gut” to make a key decision. Police detectives do it when trying to solve crimes. Sports coaches do it when contemplating which players to start a game. And many singles […]

Jul 10 contactus ripples-2

ContactUs.com is causing ripples

One quick note about our company. We are helping businesses engage with more visitors, we are helping their sales teams generate more leads and we are also educating a growing audience on important principles behind generating online sales. We have […]

Jul 9 Contact form

13 Reasons Your Site Needs a Contact Form

Today, there are millions of different websites that are accessible on the Internet. But you may be surprised to learn how many of these sites don’t make it easy for the people who view them to communicate with the individuals […]

Jul 5 Contact form

8 Contact Form Mistakes

If you’ve surfed the Internet for any length of time, you might be shocked at just how many mistakes that you can find online in articles, blog posts, and even company websites. From spelling and grammar errors to stray code […]

Jul 3 campañas web por objetivos

Campañas Web Basadas en Objetivos y 10 Pasos para Evitar Falsos Negativos

Muchos novatos en la mercadotecnia web lanzan campañas por objetivos, sin saber cosas fundamentales para su buen desempe­ño. *(Performance  Campaigns: Campañas en donde solo se paga por objetivos cumplidos). Al hacer eso, se arriesgan a tomar malas decisiones que acortan […]

Jul 1 Contact form

Thinking within the Box: What to Include in Your Contact Form

Picture this: you’re sitting at your desk working just like you do every day when your boss comes up to you and asks you to sketch out a design for a contact form and forward it to the web development […]

Jun 28 How a live chat can go viral

How a Live Chat Can Go Viral

These days, more and more web content is going viral. In addition to the large collection of videos, photos, and articles that are commonly passed around the Internet; we’re now starting to see lots of quizzes, infographics, and even social […]

Jun 26 10 awesome contact pages part 3

30 Awesome Contact Us Pages to Inspire You: Part 3

Creating a high-converting contact us page is a delicate art. You have to balance usability, beautiful design, and seamless integration of your contact forms. This is an area where many businesses could improve. Fortunately, some of them absolutely nail it. […]

Call Tracking systems

Call Tracking Software: What It Is and Why You Should Try It Today

Call Tracking Software: What It Is and Why You Should Try It Today Even in the days of email and text messages, many users still prefer to get on the phone with people they do business with. Giving users the option […]

Contact Forms

8 Examples of Creative Contact Forms

Web designers have plenty of tools in their arsenal that they can use to spruce up a site or web page. From fancy banners and sidebars to strategic use of photos and images to implementing flash video, there are numerous […]

Jun 22 WordPress Plugins

5 WordPress Plugins that Tend to Test Our Patience

WordPress is an excellent content management system largely because its functionality can be increased relatively easily. This is often accomplished by the installation of plugins that work by inserting bits of code into the site that help it to perform […]

Jun 20 Contact form

How the Right Contact Form is Vital to Customer Relationship Management

An efficient, effective customer relationship management system is essential to achieving success in today’s competitive marketplace. If you aren’t capitalizing on every possible opportunity, you’re probably leaving money on the table, hurting your bottom line, and falling behind your industry […]

Jun 17 Contact form

How to Make a Contact Form without Having to Deal with HTML

If you’re well-versed in the nuances of computer coding languages, then you won’t have any trouble building a website for your business or expanding it when needed. But if you’re like most people, trying to generate anything for the virtual […]

Jun 16 10 awesome contact pages part 2

30 Awesome Contact Us Pages to Inspire You: Part 2

Many businesses agonize over every detail of their contact forms, but struggle to present them to users in an effective way. Their great contact forms go wasted because they aren’t integrated seamlessly into accessible, user-friendly contact us pages. Talking principles […]

Jun 14 10 reasons

10 Reasons Why Customers Respond to Live Chat

A well-designed website provides every visitor with multiple avenues through which he or she can engage with the company. E-commerce sites make it easy for a customer to order products within minutes, and blogs or social media offers the ability […]

Jun 10 10 ways

10 Ways Your Company Can Generate New Leads Right Now

It’s all too easy for business owners to fall into a rut. Between everything from fighting fires and keeping a lid on costs to servicing current customers and managing personnel, business expansion tasks often get pushed down the priority list. […]